The Scout Shop and Office will be closed on

September 6, 2021 in observance of


We will open again Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 9 am. 



It is with great sadness that we are forced to cancel our 3rd Annual Buffalo/Raffle.

Delta Interior Game Ranch (our vendor for the Buffalo prizes) notified us on August 3rd that they have cancelled their hunts for the 2.5yo animals for this year.

If you have purchased tickets, please be patient as we account for tickets still out with our VFW sellers.

A full refund will be coming back to you very soon from Post 10029.

For further information, & questions please contact CJ at (907) 452-1976 or email Clinton.Stewart@Scouting.Org


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Scouting is about character and leadership.

The Scout Oath and Law – our very foundation – call for helpfulness, bravery, common courtesy, and respect among all people. Our values call us to stand up to injustice, as we strive to help other people at all times.

The Scouting movement recognizes and celebrates that the attributes that make us different actually draw us together as Scouts, citizens, and human beings. We refuse to accept violence or injustice toward another human being.

As Scouts, we recognize that much work remains to be done. We are committed to empathy, compassion, and to meaningfully improve. Scouting teaches young people to come together to find peaceful solutions, to work to become the best versions of themselves, and to create a better world.




 Explore information and resources with fun and active programs for grades K-12 that can be enjoyed at home!



National will be raising its registration fees starting August 1st

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2021 Membership Fee Increase

Membership Fee information



BSA’s national cub scout staff have put together some fun activity videos that can be useful Cub Scout recruiting tools.  The YouTube videos are short, 2 to 5 minutes, with a purpose and an activity.  Activities are all requirements found in our program.  They are not branded as BSA or Cub Scouts.

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Digital Safety Guidelines for Councils to Communicate to Unit Leaders

As local councils and units use digital and online resources, such as video conferencing, to continue Scouting meetings, projects and advancement during the COVID-19 outbreak, the National Council is providing guidance. Note this guidance is not comprehensive, and if it differs from the legal requirements of your state or local jurisdiction, please consult with your local council attorney.

Topics addressed in the Digital Safety Guidelines that volunteer leaders should be aware of:
BSA’s youth protection policies apply to all online activities.
Safeguard personal information.
Recording online meetings is not authorized.
Collecting personal information from youth under 13 is not recommended.

More details on each topic are included in the full Digital Safety Guidelines document.

Relevant information from these Digital Safety Guidelines can be shared with your volunteer leaders.


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POPCORN Season KICKOFF!! TVD-Aug 26, 2021


September 17-19, 2021

2021 Summer Camp Videos!

Click images left and right to view 2021 Summer Camp videos or click here for more videos, pics, and information

High Adventure PODCAST

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very own Northern Lights High Adventure Base!

2022 Philmont Scout Ranch High Adventure Trek

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The National Conservation Committee and Outdoor Program Team are proud to announce that the new BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards Program is now available to be earned. Please check out our new website for this great opportunity. For more information, please click on the link: DISTINGUISHED CONSERVATION SERVICE AWARD

Why every Scout unit needs a New Member Coordinator

Joining a new Scout unit can be a little overwhelming at first.
You’re presented with a calendar full of fun upcoming activities, but .....


Here is our very own CJ Stewart on the new TV show, Win the Wilderness - Alaska, 

Filmed primarily at Lost Lake Scout Camp and Northern Lights High Adventure Base, the show takes contestants on a journey to see who is best suited to win a home of their dreams in the Alaskan wilderness. Check out the clip, then read and watch more on their site.

Sign up today, for your trek in Alaska. We are taking reservations for 2021. Call 907-452-1976 for more information or visit our 

Northern Lights High Adventure website

Recent projects

It is the mission of the Midnight Sun Council, Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and, in other ways, to prepare them to make ethical choices during their lifetime in achieving their full potential. The values we strive to instill are based on those found in the Scout Oath and Law.

Northern Lights High Adventure

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Be Part of the Camp

The Boy Scouts of America is proud to provide the Scouting experience to all youth who meet membership requirements. Youth can join Cub Scouting or Scouts BSA and have the opportunity to grow and learn from Scouting. There are many opportunities for youth to benefit from the Scouting experience.


Why Lone Scouts?

A youth applies for membership as an individual Lone Scout only if he or she cannot conveniently join a Cub Scout pack or Scouts BSA troop. They may reside in remote areas of the country, live overseas, or be in a place where it just isn’t safe for them to attend traditional unit meetings. Lone Scouting may be the answer for these youth. 


When Is Lone Scouting the Right Choice?

Because regular interaction between youth and leaders in the BSA’s traditional programs has many advantages, we must keep in mind that Lone Scouting is not intended for youth who are able to safely attend meetings of traditional Cub Scout packs or Scout troops. Traditional units, if available, have the best potential to provide a quality Scouting program. Youth in circumstances such as those listed to the right, however, may find that Lone Scouting is the best option. With the right adult friend and counselor, Scouting’s aims and mission can be well met. Youth in the following or similar circumstances may find Lone Scouting is the best option.

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• Home-schooled where parents do not want them in a youth group
• U.S. citizens living abroad
• Exchange students away from the United States
• Disability or communicable illness that prevents meeting attendance
• Rural communities far from a unit
• Conflicts with a job, night school, or boarding school
• Families who frequently travel or live on a boat, etc.
• Living arrangements with parents in different communities
• Environments where getting to meetings may put the Scout in danger


Although the Lone Scout might miss the opportunity to participate in activities in the pack or troop, there are certain advantages to this experience. For example, Scouting activities can be done entirely at home. Boys or girls who live in rural areas have the outdoors close at hand where much of Scouting takes place. Each youth can progress at his or her own pace, building upon his or her own interests and abilities. Also, the youth has the personal help of an adult counselor. 

With the entire Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programs open to them, they may, under the watchful eye of a Lone Scout friend and counselor, strive for the Eagle Scout rank, just as any other Scout. Advancement in Lone Scouting provides flexibility when requirements call for participation with a den, pack, patrol, or troop, and opportunities abound for a strong bond between a Scout and counselor.

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How to join

If Lone Scouts is right for you, fill out the necessary paperwork

- Youth Application

- Adult Application


and send it to the Midnightsun Council to get registered to participate in Scouting.

For detailed information contact us at 907-452-1976.

Click here to download/view the Guide to Lone Scouting







Updates to Cub Scout Resources on

Welcome New Cub Scout Family brochure (English and Spanish) have been made to reflect new registration fees and are posted on Pack Budget Planning Guide and Pack Budget Worksheet have also been updated to reflect new registration fees and prices on Cub Scout Adventures and Rank patches.

Here are the direct links:

Welcome New Cub Scout Family -

Welcome New Cub Scout Family Spanish -

Planning Your Annual Pack Budget PDF -

Pack Budget Worksheet Excel -

Come and check out all the fun accessories for your cars!!



Be sure to click on the link below for the latest in Cub Scout elective adventures that will be retired next year.

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Nineteen Cub Scout elective adventures will be retired next year

Details on the 19 Cub Scout Elective Adventures Being Retired in May of 2022
To keep the Cub Scouting Adventure program relevant, elective adventures are reviewed for content and popularity.

The elective adventures to be retired are as follows:
• Family Stories, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619922
• Earning Your Stripes, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619925
• Tiger Tales, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619930
• Tiger Theater, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619931
• Collections and Hobbies, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619940
• Grow Something, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619944
• Hometown Heroes, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619947
• Motor Away, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619950
• Beat of the Drum, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619958
• World of Sound, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619960
• Make it Move, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619963
• Robotics, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619968
• Looking Back Looking Forward, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619978
• Maestro, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619979
• Project Family, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619997
• Build My Hero, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619992
• Adventures in Science, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619989
• Fix It, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619975
• Movie Making, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619982

Updates to Venturing Awards and Ranks


The National Venturing Committee is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, the Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit awards will be referred to as Venturing ranks to improve consistency among the different programs within Scouting. The Quest, Ranger, and Trust Awards will remain as part of the Venturing program as specialty awards and are not considered Venturing ranks.
Additionally, certain restrictions regarding prior credit for Venturers have been changed. Effective immediately, Venturing Advisors have the discretion to give a Venturer credit toward Venturing rank and award requirements for work previously completed by the Venturer while a registered member of a Scouts BSA Troop or a Sea Scout Ship. As explained in more detail below, this change aligns the Venturing advancement program with the Scouts BSA and Sea Scouting advancement programs.
Under the current edition of the Guide to Advancement and the latest printed edition of Venturing Awards and Requirements, a Venturer was required to complete all work on Venturing awards while registered as a Venturer, and Venturing Advisors were not permitted to give credit toward Venturing award requirements for work previously done by a youth in Scouts BSA or Sea Scouts. Neither Scouts BSA nor Sea Scouts have these same restrictions. Except as stated in the temporary transition rules covering first-time members entering Scouts BSA after February 1, 2019, in both Scouts BSA and Sea Scouts, unit leaders are currently able to consider work done in any program when giving credit toward completion of rank or award requirements. To improve consistency within the three programs and to encourage membership in Venturing Crews, Venturers may now receive credit toward Venturing ranks and specialty awards for work completed while registered in a Scouts BSA Troop or a Sea Scout Ship.
The next editions of the Guide to Advancement, Handbook for Venturers and Venturing Awards and Requirements will be revised to reflect the two changes to the Venturing advancement program described in this update.


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Scout together make something happen!

Scouts do stuff. They build things. Play with purpose. Make friends and work together.

Set goals and clear them. They go places. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. These life-changing experiences — and the confidence they provide — become bricks in the wall of childhood. Bricks that eventually form a foundation. One a Scout can stand on to embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles. For the parents watching in awe, it’s not a question of where their Scout will go, but where won’t he go.

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