Family Den Council Pilot

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The Midnight Sun Council was selected

as a Family Den Pilot Council.


The program offers an ability for family packs, with permission from their chartered organizations, to form dens with boys and girls.

All family packs are encouraged to participate.

Do NOT wait until your unit re-charters, sign up now!

Please click on the following link to view 

Family Den Council Pilot Kick-off Webinar-20220526_130450-Meeting Recording.mp4


To participate in this pilot, please complete the memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the link provided below.

Only family packs approved by the Midnight Sun Council with approval from their chartered organization may conduct the Family Den Pilot Program.

If all conditions of the MOU are met by your pack, it will stay in the pilot as long as the pilot remains active. 


Please ensure your pack is designated as a family pack. Here’s an easy way to check:

– Visit

– Enter the zip code for your chartered organization

– Find your pack in the search results. You’re a family pack if the entry indicates: Dens for Boys and Girls


Any Pack that would like to participate will be able to structure dens with both boys and girls in the same dens assuming they meet the following criteria:

  • The chartering organization agrees.
  • The Pack will use Scoutbook to assign dens.
  • Understand that Arrow of Light dens WILL remain single gender in preparation for Scouts BSA
  • Assign a registered leader to represent the Pack to the council for the purpose of this pilot.


Family  Den  Pilot  Pack

Memorandum of Understanding.pdf

Units approved will be provided a Memorandum of Understanding that must be signed by the Chartering Organization Representative and Pack Committee Chair.


 To view/ download further Family Den Council Pilot documents click links below:


 Click here to view/download the FAQ page



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