New My.Scouting Hazardous Weather Training Expiration E-mails

For direct contact leaders, staying current on Hazardous Weather Training is an important part of offering a safe Scouting program and needs to be renewed every 2 years.

Like Youth Protection Mandatory Training, My.Scouting will now provide notification e-mails at 14-30-60-90-day intervals prior to expiring. Upon expiration of a person’s training, an e-mail will also be sent.

These notifications are important. Knowing how to recognize and manage weather and environmental risks is key to keeping our participants SAFE in Scouting’s outdoor classroom.

Please take the time before you venture out on your next outdoor adventure and update your training by going to and then selecting the BSA Learn Center. You can quickly access the course in the Learn Center by selecting My Learning and typing “hazardous weather” in the search box. Clicking the “Retake” button will take you to the course so you can “Start Again” and complete it to update your training record in My.Scouting.

Thank you for all you do in serving youth and keeping Scouting safe!

click here for Hazardous Weather Training - BSA website

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