Midnight Sun Council


 Annual Dinner

Recognition Banquet


When:   February 10,  2018 at 6 pm for fellowship and 6:30 pm for dinner

Where:  Pikes Waterfront Lodge


The Midnight Sun Council has a proud tradition of bringing the best possible Scouting experience to the youth of the Community. It currently serves over 9,800 young people in the interior of Alaska with programs that build character, personal fitness, and citizenship.

Each year the Midnight Sun Council recognizes the unselfish, grass-roots service of its volunteers at an annual dinner in their honor.  

The Silver Beaver is the highest award that a Council can present to a volunteer for their noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth, their community, and to Scouting.

The District Award of Merit is the highest award a local Boy Scout District can award to a Boy Scouting volunteer. This award is the cumulation of years of service to the Scouting movement.


Our guest speaker this year was Andy Bassich.   Andy Bassich lives on the Yukon River, where the only way in or out is by boat or snow machine. Andy moved to Alaska from Washington, D.C. after coming to explore the area, which he knew little about at the time. He spent two years living in Anchorage before moving to the Alaskan bush. When Andy first arrived, this was raw land. He built his life from scratch from a vision he had. To live and survive in the Alaskan bush, Andy learned to make something out of the raw materials provided to him from his environment.


All 2017 Eagles were recognized at the Annual Dinner:

Grant Wilson                                                 Dalton Randall                                                    

Darin Cheney                                                Andrew Accola                                                 

Owen Averett                                               Jacob Lovell                                              

Levi Duval                                                        Patrick Landers                                                      

Chandler Wappett                                      Wyatt Foose                                        

Samuel Pope                                                   Jake Stone                                             

Coleman Johnson                                        Jason Howard

Benjamin Brown


Mr. Roger Hughes, was awarded the Silver Beaver Award for his service to the Midnight Sun Council, especially his work with the Endowment portfolio to help fund the BSA council.


Three adult leaders from the Midnight Sun Council BSA were awarded the District Award of Merit for their continued and sustained commitment to the youth of Alaska. Brenda H. Stapp and Timothy J. Arnold both local Scouting volunteers in Fairbanks and Don Frazier of Delta Junction, Alaska were given the award.


The event was held at Pikes Waterfront Lodge and was preceded by the annual business meeting of the council where Mr. Bob Groseclose was elected to be the Council President and Larry Bennett was established as the Council Commissioner comprising a leadership team with Stephen Smith BSA Council Executive for 2018.

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