Merit Badge Days

A merit badge event lets Scouts learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers.

An event may focus on a single merit badge or a variety of fields that might not normally be available. Observatories, planetariums, parks, museums, ships, colleges, universities, as well as police and fire departments may offer special events available only to Scouts and only one day each year. Scouts might learn first-hand from dentists, veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, financial planners, engineers, chemists, artists, astronomers, scientists, firemen, policemen, and other experts.

Merit badge events may also offer training in Scout Skills through First Class with a schedule similar to an Advancement Campout. Adult training, and youth leader training are often offered as well.
Often certain requirements must be completed outside of the merit badge event either as preparation or with a merit badge counselor at a later date. A merit badge event may focus on a single merit badge or offer a variety of topics such as
Art Aviation Chemistry Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World Communication Digital Technology Crime Prevention
Dentistry Electricity Electronics Engineering
Emergency Preparedness Energy Fingerprinting Fire Safety
Leatherwork First Aid Indian Lore Medicine
Nuclear Science Personal Management Photography Plumbing
Public Speaking Radio Railroading Safety
Salesmanship Space Exploration Surveying Traffic Safety
Truck Transportation Veterinary Medicine Weather Wood Carving










Regardless of the setting or topics, the goal is to have fun as you learn new skills and gain knowledge.

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