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Please check with your members to make sure their most current information is listed so our records stay up to date.



Effective July 12, 2021 all merit badge counselors who are not officially approved by their council to counsel a badge will have that badge removed from their approved list of badges to counsel in Scoutbook. If a merit badge counselor is connected to a Scout to counsel an affected badge that connection will be removed. The only changes to Scouts would be to drop the merit badge counselor connection for the affected badges. Scoutbook will not remove any MB progress approved by the affected merit badge counselors.

Merit Badge Counselors can check if the badge they are counseling in Scoutbook is approved by their council by going to My Dashboard, Administration, My Account, My Positions: their positions and if the badge has a blue checkmark it is approved; if the badge has a green checkmark it is not approved and you should contact your council to continue counseling that badge. Click here for more information in Scouting Forums.


New in Online Registration: The ability for parents and/or volunteers to transfer between councils using the online registration system is live now. Click HERE to view/download a user guide for how it works. This allows one to login and transfer from one council to another, and once the application is approved and the overnight sync is run all the training and advancement records for the member will follow.


Now possible to contain different Member ID numbers in My.Scouting. Your ID number from other councils and your ID number from the Midnight Sun Council can now all be listed on your account.


New Background Check Forms came out in 2019!

The 2019 Background Check Forms must be used. Please make sure new applicants use the new form, as registrations cannot be processed without them.

Youth Protection is a serious part of scouting and our council requires all adults to renew their certification each year. Registrations cannot be processed without a current certificate.

Merit Badge Counselors – Please turn in a new adult application with a 2019 updated background check form and current YPT certificate as we are updating our records. Please include a new merit badge application so we can record the merit badges you want to be a counselor for.


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Please view the “Be a Scout” logo at the bottom of the webpage
Be Sure to Update BeAScout Pins to Reflect Status
Updating unit pins with early-adopter status on BeAScout is an important step in helping prospective Scouts and their families get in touch with units in your council.
Early-adopter councils: BeAScout is open for units to indicate boy-only (default), family pack, or girl-only (no date; open for business now) status.
Non early-adopter councils: BeAScout is open for units to indicate boy-only (default), family pack, or girl-only AND the date that they will begin accepting female applications.
                       1. Log in to your My.Scouting account select Menu at the top left
                       2. From the drop-down menu, select your unit
                       3. Select Organization Manager
                       4. Select the Settings tab
                       5. Scroll to Family Scouting
                       6. If remaining boy-only, do nothing (this is the default setting); otherwise, select girls only or boys and girls
                       7. Click Commit
Please note: Online registration is now open for EA councils to accommodate fall recruiting. 
PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS on how to update unit pins for the full FAMILY PROGRAM
Units will need to manage their own account by determining if their unit contact information is correct. Units can find information on how to manage their account by clicking here or contacting the BSA office at 907-452-1976


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