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Learning for Life is a character education program designed to support schools and community- based organizations in their efforts to prepare youth to successfully handle the complexities of our contemporary society. Our curriculum prepares students to enhance their self-confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. The program uses age-appropriate, grade-specific lesson plans to give youth skills and information that will help them make positive decisions for themselves, their families and their futures.


Learning for Life makes academic learning fun and relevant to real-life situations in age appropriate and grade specific material. As a result, the positive character traits and skills learned by participation in Learning for Life not only make students more confident and capable, but also give them an invaluable understanding of how things work in the real world. Schools will see higher attendance rates and fewer disciplinary actions.



Respect           Responsibility             Honesty/Trust         Caring/Fairness         Perseverance       
  Self-Discipline             Life Skills               Courage          Citizenship

Learning for Life incorporated in 1991 as a nonprofit organization. We have 264 local offices across the country and also serve international education institutions. Since our incorporation, we have served over two million youth who will grow up to be our future leaders.


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