Journey to Excellence

 (following is an excerpt from BSA JTE Website)

Journey to Excellence is the Boy Scouts of America program to help Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships and Posts to plan, monitor and evaluate their performance and their ability to serve youth. There are specific criteria for the unit to plan and accomplish. These standards are reviewed each year and revised standards are published.


The 2022 Journey to Excellence Standards are now available.

Here are the major changes in the JTE scorecards for 2022.

  • The standards are written as activities that the unit will do. This is to emphasize that JTE is primarily a planning tool.
  • The Cub Scout scorecard has many changed standards. This is because of changes in the Cub Scout program.
  • For standard #10, Gold now includes recruiting a new leader. We have found that the best units continually recruit parents and other adults who have never been involved in Scouting

There is no requirement, no expectation and, in fact, we might discourage a unit from believing that they should achieve Gold in all JTE criteria. A great unit is balanced in the service that it provides to youth. There is no shame and no problem if a unit achieves Silver or Bronze. That unit is serving youth.

Click here to visit the BSA Journey to Excellence website to read full article and to view/download scorecards, unit tools and JTE supporting documents.

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