Merit Badge Counselors and Adult Members

Youth Protection Training! Remember that all leaders need to keep up with this important annual training!

We are updating our list of trained adult leaders and merit badge counselors and in doing this we have discovered that some of the trainings have not been completed. One major training that seems to be missing is the Youth Protection Training that is required of all registered adults of the Boy Scouts of America.

youth protection training

We are asking that all adult members and merit badge counselor’s take Youth Protection (YP) training to comply with the National Boy Scouts of America and the Midnight Sun Council’s rules and regulations. The Youth Protection Training is to be completed on a yearly basis to comply with the Midnight Sun Council’s board of director’s rules and regulations.

We are asking that you complete the Youth Protection Training, to avoid being dropped as a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and this could have a big impact on continuing in your Scouting unit that you are registered with, as well as being a merit badge counselor.

You can complete this training online at the following website where you will sign into your my scouting account or if you are new to my scouting and do not have an account you will need to create an account using your member id number. If you do not remember or know your member number, contact our registrar at 907-452-1976.

When you get into your account go to the upper left corner and click on Menu then my dashboard, then my training and the Youth Protection Training will pop up. Chose the (YP) training that applies to your Unit. Cub Scout/Boy Scout is the first (YP) training.     If you are a merit badge counselor you will take the Cub Scout/Boy Scout YP training.   If you are registered with a Crew you will take the Venturing YP training. If you are registered with a Post you will take the Exploring YP training.

After you have completed the training please print your certificate and email a copy to so that it can be added to your profile.


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