District Committee

District Committee

District Committees have four functions: Unit Service, Program, Membership, and Finance. To function in all of these areas, we have many volunteers who care specifically about each of these areas. No matter what your experience or skills, we can use help in a variety of areas and subcommittees. Contact the Council Service Center if you have an interest in volunteering at the District level.


Tanana Valley District Committee Officers:

The Tanana Valley District Committee meets monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month.

District Chair: Hank Bartos

District Vice-Chair: VACANT

District Commissioner: Mike Galloway

District Roundtable Chair: Nathan Platt
District Membership Chair: Ethan Kahl

District Finance Chair: Elad Levy

District Training Chair: VACANT

District Camping and Outdoor Activity Chair: VACANT

District Awards and Advancement Chair: Kenny Grant

District Activities and Service Chair: Kehaulani Widell



Bush District Committee Officers:

The Bush District Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.


District Commissioner:   VACANT

District Chair:  Don Frazier

District Program/Activities Chair:  Dean Jazzo

District Vice Chairman:  VACANT

District Roundtable and Advancement Chair: Brad Kilburn



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