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Training the Commissioner Corps

Welcome to the Midnight Sun Council Commissioner Corps!

 We currently have 14 commissioners serving the youth of Northern Alaska.  Unit commissioners are volunteer Scouters who provide the primary link between their assigned units and the district and council.  They carry out this responsibility by periodic visits to unit meetings and other events, contacts with the unit’s leadership, and interactions with the unit committee and charter partner.  They then report these contacts, including assessments of the unit’s health, via  Unit commissioners have a role in timely annual unit re-chartering, in urging the development and use of the unit service plan and its associated Journey to Excellence performance evaluation, in assuring stable and effective unit leadership, and in passing news, information and other communication back and forth between the council and the unit.  


Because of all these important functions, commissioner training is essential.  Our commissioners (unit commissioners, roundtable commissioners, district and council commissioners) are required to complete the following trainings to be considered “BSA Trained”:

           – Youth Protection Training (available online at

           – Commissioner Basic Training (an 8-hour classroom training session, part of the University of Scouting)


We have offered the CBT nearly every quarter since Q4FY16, with the only missed quarters being due to a lack of students needing the course. Of our 14 commissioners we currently have the following 100% compliance rate (1 March 2020):

           – YPT 14/14

           – Basic Training 14/14



In addition to these standards, our council established the College of Commissioner Science in 2014. Since then, the following degrees have been earned. Many others are working on earning these advanced commissioner degrees

Class of 2015
Nicole Z. Hansen – Bachelors


Class of 2016

Brenda H. Stapp – Bachelors
Tyson J. Forbush – Bachelors

Nicole Z. Hansen – Masters


Class of 2017

F. Lawrence Bennett – Bachelors
Donald A. Frazier – Bachelors

Michael J. Galloway – Bachelors

Teresa N. Jones – Bachelors
Bradley J. Kilburn – Bachelors

Shannon L. Price – Bachelors
Alan F. Skinner – Bachelors
Mark A. Smith – Bachelors
Anthony P. White – Bachelors
William D. Wood Sr. – Bachelors

F. Lawrence Bennett – Masters

Michael J. Galloway – Masters
Tyson J. Forbush – Masters
Donald A. Frazier – Masters
Bradley J. Kilburn – Masters
Mark A. Smith – Masters
Brenda H. Stapp – Masters
William D. Wood Sr. – Masters
Anthony P. White – Masters


Class of 2019
Julie E. Cole – Bachelors


Class of 2020
Robert O. Jones Jr. – Bachelors
F. Lawrence Bennett – Doctorate


Since 2014, Midnight Sun Council commissioners have completed 15 BCS degrees, 10 MCS degrees, and 1 DCS degree. Many of these commissioners are no longer in our council, but we know they are well trained in whatever council they have moved to over the years.

So come join our commissioner corps! Serve units, serve youth, learn scouting, win awards! See you in our corps!


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