2017Tired Iron

The purr of the engine, the roar of the crowds, and the smell of food cooking at the food stand told you that this year's Tired Iron was ready to start!

On March 19th, this year's Tired Iron was made up of 3 separate races, the Jurassic Classic (up to 25 mph), the Jurassic Classic II (26-39 mph), and a very special race between three long time racers.

The Midnight Sun Council would like to thank the Tired Iron Committee and staff for holding this great event each year. The Tired Iron helps to support the Midnight Sun Council each year by donating part of the proceeds from the races and through radio advertising.

Thank you to our Toontuk OA Lodge for their help and for running the moose turd bowling and in setting up the course.

A big thank you to our Jamboree families for running the concession stand - a fund raising activity to help them pay for this summer's trip to the National Jamboree. If you'd like to help them get there, please send a donation to our Council Office and earmark it for the 2017 National Jamboree.

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 Pictures (from left to right)

- The day's special race between three long time racers. From the left, ages 93, 95, & 98. They raced one full lap and Urban Rahoi (98) won. They then took another lap just for fun. The 93 year old went on to race in the faster Jurassic Classic II race. Scouts, what do you think you will be doing when you're 98?.

- Scouts helping to set up the race and spectator areas.

-  Scout Executive Stephen Smith was sponsored and entered this year's race representing the Midnight Sun Council, on a 1963 Hus Ski. He came in 5th place during the Jurassic Classic.  click here to view  the video on Facebook



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