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Unit management is about to get easier with the retirement of ScoutNET 
You’ve been asking for updates to the functionality of BSA tech products. And, with ScoutNet’s retirement, we’ll be better equipped than ever to deliver technology that meets the requests of units and councils to manage registration and rechartering effectively and electronically.


Soon, you’ll find the following improvements made to some of your most frequently used tools:
· Registration and charter renewal tools moved to My.Scouting, where our existing online registration site lives.
· New registrar features on My.Scouting, like a new dashboard offering advanced search, person maintenance and additional reporting features.
· For all units with a December 31 renewal date, expect a simplified recharter system for both internet and paper rechartering within Internet Advancement 2.0.
· New unit self-service tools on My.Scouting:
o This month, a new feature called Position Manager will be added to the My.Scouting tools allowing units to change the registration position of anyone in the unit – no paper application required. For example, if a Cubmaster steps down and a unit committee member replaces her, the unit’s chartered organization representative or their designee can adjust her position without delivering paperwork to the council.
o In addition to the inter-unit transfer feature added this winter, parents and volunteers will be able to transfer to a unit in a new council without filling out transfer forms and new applications – and their records will be automatically transferred to the new council.
These are just some of the changes coming your way as My.Scouting continues to grow in supporting the needs of units and councils in the Boy Scouts of America.

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