Cub Scout Electives to be Retired in 2022

Be sure to click on the link below for the latest in Cub Scout elective adventures that will be retired next year.

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Nineteen Cub Scout elective adventures will be retired next year

Details on the 19 Cub Scout Elective Adventures Being Retired in May of 2022
To keep the Cub Scouting Adventure program relevant, elective adventures are reviewed for content and popularity.

The elective adventures to be retired are as follows:
• Family Stories, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619922
• Earning Your Stripes, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619925
• Tiger Tales, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619930
• Tiger Theater, Rank: Tiger, SKU: 619931
• Collections and Hobbies, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619940
• Grow Something, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619944
• Hometown Heroes, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619947
• Motor Away, Rank: Wolf, SKU: 619950
• Beat of the Drum, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619958
• World of Sound, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619960
• Make it Move, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619963
• Robotics, Rank: Bear, SKU: 619968
• Looking Back Looking Forward, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619978
• Maestro, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619979
• Project Family, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619997
• Build My Hero, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619992
• Adventures in Science, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619989
• Fix It, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619975
• Movie Making, Rank: Webelos/AOL, SKU: 619982

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