Overnight Camping Requirements for Second Class, First Class to Change



The number of overnight campouts required for a young man to earn the Second Class and First Class ranks will be reduced under new requirements that take effect Aug. 1, 2017.

But the total number of camping nights a Boy Scout will experience in the program as he progresses toward the rank of Eagle Scout will not change.

In 2016, alongside the release of the 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, the BSA increased the number of campouts required for Second Class to three since joining from two. It increased the number of campouts required for First Class to six since joining from three.

The August 1, 2017, revisions return the number of overnight campouts to pre-2016 levels but preserve the amount of time spent outdoors.

The change maintains a focus on life-changing outdoors experiences while recognizing that not all outdoor activities need to include overnight camping. For more, read a full explanation in “Bryan on Scouting.”

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