2018 Fall Camporee


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When:              September 21-23, 2018

Where:            Anderson, Alaska

Theme:            One Troop to Rule Them All

Cost:                 Scouts/Adults $20.00  

Senior Patrol Leaders of the Midnight Sun,
The Tanana Valley District is committed in providing program that you, our Scouts, find interesting.  So, it is with esteemed appreciation that this year’s theme for the Fall Camporee was provided by the Scouts of Troop 42, “One Troop to Rule Them All”, straight out of the middle kingdom.  It promises to provide a very interesting set of skill stations ranging from ‘massive cuts and stab wound care’ to ‘Hobbit hole construction’ leading up to a ‘battle royal’ implementing fighting techniques provided from the Society of Creative Acronyms.  
Our Fall Camporee promises to be like no other.  'One Troop To Rule Them All', a Hobbit themed, multi-level, cornucopia of challenges will not disappoint.  The guide not only will direct our Senior Patrol Leaders in preparing their Scouts but also provides direction for assured success.
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