Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!

When leaders are trained, the quality of the program for our youth goes up, our program gets safer, and, as a result, more youth and parents are willing to make Scouting a part of their lives.

How Can I Get Trained?

Training is offered year round. If your unit can provide a minimum of five adult leaders for a training course the district will come to YOUR unit and conduct training. To explore this, contact the Service Center.

Click Here to find out what training courses you need to take to become a Trained Leader.

There are also several training awards available to Scout Leaders, for a complete list with requirements, Click Here.

See our MSC Calender for updated dates and  times of  upcoming Training Events.

Training Policy

The primary responsibility of the Midnight Sun Council is to ensure the delivery of a safe quality Scouting program to the youth who reside within the Council’s boundaries. It is the goal of the Council Training Policy that every unit will have trained direct contact leaders because every youth deserves a trained leader.

The policy is as follows:

It shall be the policy of the Midnight Sun Council that 100% of Assistant Cubmasters, Cubmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Scoutmasters, Assistant Varsity Team Coaches, Varsity Team Coaches, Associate Crew Advisors, and Crew Advisors will be fully trained for their positions in their respective units.
It shall be the policy of the Midnight Sun Council that 75% of Tiger Cub Den Leaders, Cub Scout Den Leaders, and Webelos Den Leaders will be fully trained for their positions in their respective units.

What Other Training is There?

The BSA offers most of its training online. Training may be accessed by logging into MyScouting at

This includes but is not limited to:

Youth Protection: a basic training course on the guidelines of two deep leadership that keeps our youth safe. Youth Protection expires after two years!

Hazard Weather Training: required for ANY tour permit.

This is Scouting: the first step to becoming a trained leader.

Safe Swim Defense/ Safety Afloat: Critical training to understanding the BSA water safety programs.

There is also training for almost every position in Scouting from the District Committee to Fast Start courses for unit leaders. This training is invaluable to any new leader and is a necessary link to operating a safe Scouting unit.

Aquatics Supervision Training:

Any Unit that wishes to conduct any aquatic activity, whether it is swimming or boating, has to have at least one member of the unit actually present and participating in the activity, that has completed the appropriate skills course in order for the activity to occur. The only exception is if the swimming activity is held at a location where a professional lifeguard is provided by the venue. That means, if you are doing a canoe trip for a day or a week, at least one member participating needs to have the Paddle Craft Safety Course. The same thing applies if you are swimming where there is not a professional lifeguard you will need the Water Rescue Course.

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