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Adult Registration Requirements for Summer Camp 2023


Adult leaders attending camp with their unit must be registered in their specific chartered organization’s unit if they are at camp for more than 72 hours. (Note the “72-hour” policy will change effective 9/1/2023. Early adoption is always encouraged; however, for summer 2023 the “72-hour rule” remains in effect. If you missed the webinar regarding the upcoming change to the 72-hour rule, click here to view the recording. You can also review Scouting’s Barriers to abuse here and the Barriers to Abuse FAQs here.)


Adult leaders cannot be registered as a merit badge counselor or any other non-unit position instead of through their unit to attend camp. They could be “multipled” or primary in their unit, but regardless, they must be registered with the specific unit they will attend with.


Why must they be registered in this way?
1. First: Camp is a unit program. Meaning, youth fall under the direction of their chartered organization’s approved unit leaders while in attendance (see NCAP HS-502).
2. Second: Because youth participate with their unit, the chartered organization must approve any adult working with their youth. A merit badge counselor (or other non-unit position) is registered through their council and therefore does not have the required approval from the chartering organization. There is a chart below with potential positions they could register in for their unit type.


Unit Positions

3. Finally: What about “provisional units”? Council organized camp units (sometimes called “provisional”) are a council-organized activity and therefore not unit organized. Chartered organization approval would not be required. These camp / council-organized provisional “unit’s” adult leaders would be required to meet SQ-401-402. Please ensure all of your registrars, participants guides etc. reflect this important guidance.

National Jamboree




exp of lifetime resized 

JULY 19 – JULY 28, 2023
Summit Bechtel Reserve, 
West Virginia

Sign up NOW at


The Midnight Sun Council is hosting a Jamboree Troop to attend next year’s National Jamboree at the Summit in West Virginia. Current plans would be to tour Washington D.C., visit various museums and then head to the Summit for a week of exciting fun with other Scouts from all over the country and world.


Final cost has not been set yet, because tours and travel are still being determined, but you could expect the total cost to be around $4,000-$4250 per person.


Matt Cooper (SM Troop 38B) will be the Scoutmaster for our Troop. There are no limits on number of youth attendees, nor on the number of adults allowed to go this time around.


Scholarships for the Summit portion of the fee are available on the Jamboree site, as well as the registration link and a ton of information. If interested, please sign up on the site.


A payment schedule and fundraising opportunities will be forthcoming. We have a book started for payment tracking purposes here at the office. As we progress, more information will be coming.

We are accepting reservations for both young men and women, but still need to figure out if we will be going as 2 separate troops or on Venturing Crew for leadership purposes.


All information regarding the National Jamboree can be found at this link:


For easy reference, here are a couple of links for your use:

Please register through this link:


Information on the available scholarships can be found here:

Scholarships available for the biggest Scouting event in the country – On Scouting (

Build an adventure

Scouts do stuff. They build things. Play with purpose. Make friends and work together.

Set goals and clear them. They go places. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. These life-changing experiences — and the confidence they provide — become bricks in the wall of childhood. Bricks that eventually form a foundation. One a Scout can stand on to embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles. For the parents watching in awe, it’s not a question of where their Scout will go, but where won’t they go.

Changes to

Unit management is about to get easier with the retirement of ScoutNET 
You’ve been asking for updates to the functionality of BSA tech products. And, with ScoutNet’s retirement, we’ll be better equipped than ever to deliver technology that meets the requests of units and councils to manage registration and rechartering effectively and electronically.


Soon, you’ll find the following improvements made to some of your most frequently used tools:
· Registration and charter renewal tools moved to My.Scouting, where our existing online registration site lives.
· New registrar features on My.Scouting, like a new dashboard offering advanced search, person maintenance and additional reporting features.
· For all units with a December 31 renewal date, expect a simplified recharter system for both internet and paper rechartering within Internet Advancement 2.0.
· New unit self-service tools on My.Scouting:
o This month, a new feature called Position Manager will be added to the My.Scouting tools allowing units to change the registration position of anyone in the unit – no paper application required. For example, if a Cubmaster steps down and a unit committee member replaces her, the unit’s chartered organization representative or their designee can adjust her position without delivering paperwork to the council.
o In addition to the inter-unit transfer feature added this winter, parents and volunteers will be able to transfer to a unit in a new council without filling out transfer forms and new applications – and their records will be automatically transferred to the new council.
These are just some of the changes coming your way as My.Scouting continues to grow in supporting the needs of units and councils in the Boy Scouts of America.

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